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The ever popular Fairy Dust collection is of many favorites. However, this one stands out amongst them all. If you haven't smelled the fragrance of any of this line yet you're truly missing out. This line of products is one of our featured faves by us and clients. We love seeing those who smell for the first time as it takes them by surprise at just how wonderful and magical the fragrance is and to top it off most every product of this line comes in classic fairy form with lot's of sparkle and shimmer. 

In this line we have for you to choose from the following-

Body Lotion- fairy dust fragrance and sparkle in a aloe based lotion by Bramble Berry.

Perfume- keep it simple with just the fragrance. No shimmer and sparkle just pure magical smell. 

Body spray- moisturizing body oil with fragrance and shimmer

Body Bronzer- instant natural looking tan with natural mineral pigments, natural golden shimmer, and fairy dust fragrance in our body spray.