Tantra Tea Kit for Tantric Sex and Meditation

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Tantra tea is for enhancing sexual performance, increased libido, and lucid dreaming. Add it to your tantra ritual with your partner by using as part of your beginning rituals, use before bed to induce lucid dreaming, or during meditation in order to attain deep spiritual trance. Comes with 5 large tea bags in each package of main proprietary blend. Plus 5 smaller bags of a sweet blend of berries to take the bitterness out of the original blend or to have on it's own. Add both bags together to sweeten your blend as it can be very bitter in hot water and let seep for 10 mins. If you prefer to drink the teas separately you may also use honey or a sweet cream as a sweetener. You may also drink an additional drink for hydration during tantra escapades. As a side note, the berry blend is amazingly refreshing cold as well. 

Ingredients- damiana leaf, raspberry leaf, blue lotus, ashwagandha, gotu kola, country mallow, passion flower, mugwort, catuaba bark, muira pauma bark, mexican dream herb, calandula flowers Additional bags contain- schisandra berries, hibiscus, stevia, raspberry leaf, orange peel, lemon balm, and goji berries