Lover's Blend Herbal Smoke Blend

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Lover's Blend - euphoric with natural aphrodisiac qualities. Promotes confidence while providing euphoria and positive energy. Awakens your inner loving spirit. Soothes and calms giving warm tingling sensations and feelings of bliss.

Ingredients: Blue lotus (sedative, natural aphrodisiac, anti-anxiety, insomnia, relaxation, Lucid dream inducer, stress reducer), rose petals (natural aphrodisiac, awakens inner spirit and brings on positive energy), wild corn flower (relaxing, stress reducer) , passionflower (calming, anti-anxiety, treats insomnia), st johns wort (anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, stress reducer, positive energy), raspberry leaf (relaxation, relieves sore muscles, and tension.). Infused with 150 mg CBD. Water and honey.