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On Nov. 5th a new retail store called 1LT2F, opened it's doors to the public. 1LT2F is a skateboard shop and fashion destination not typical to most. We carry fashion apparel in the latest trends for both men and women, offer custom apparel for personal & commercial business, carry pro-brand skateboards, longboards, cruisers, music & entertainment t-shirts/merchandise, comic books, toys, and games. We also provide a small area in our store we call "The Lounge." There you can find free to use coloring books, colored pencils, magazines, puzzles, and comics, or take advantage of our 32" flat screen tv and dvd player with a selection of movies to watch at your request. It's a safe spot for when you just need to chill, get away, or have nothing to do. Our mission is to promote active goal orientated positive lifestyles as well as promote strength in unity among the community without predujice or judgement. 1LT2F also offers sponsorship to young athletes who wish to excel and succeed within the professions of extreme sports.


1lilTreasure2find is owned and operated by Jessica Maetzig, married to Pat Maetzig who was a single father of 5 children (4 biological/1 the legal guardian of) whom had gained full custody of after his ex deemed unsafe due to her addictions was no longer in their lives. Coming together in 2010, along with Jessica's two children from previous relationships, she saw that his children needed a mother and instantly bonded with them. Taking on his children as her own and since having one of their own. Soon after both were informed that Pat's children's biological mother who had had another child, a little girl, was taken into child protective services out of the custody of her mother and in need of a foster home. Jessica reached out to Scott County in order to connect with the girl and obtain visitation while going through the process of becoming licensed to foster. Both Jessica and Patrick completed the state requirements and became the little girls foster parents. In March 2016 they adopted the little girl. Together they now have nine children.

On April 22 2015 Jessica's step daughter revealed horrific information to her that would forever change their family and ultimately destroy the life they knew. While dealing with the traumatic events that came and sinking into a deep depression, she sought out a way to create a new life and meaning for herself.

First starting out as a way to make extra cash to help provide for their large family, she found a new hobby and passion for vintage jewelry. Selling both antiquates and vintage items on ebay while also designing her own jewelry creations for fun. Having a long history in retail management, managing stores such as Pac Sun, Aeropostal, Wet Seal, and Deb she decided to to expand her new passion creating a company called, 1lilTreasure2find. In May 2016 she perused her retail license in order to gain ground within the fashion retail world and turned her company into a LLC. She has since branched away from ebay starting her own eCommerce website, 1LT2F.BIZ and even started selling out of her garage. After complaints from rival neighbors and owner of a local candle making business she was shut down from selling from her home but was able to maintain contact with customers acquired through her local sales. This kept her motivated to take things further.

Deciding to speak out about how 1LT2F came after seeing the opportunity to use her new public platform as a gateway to inspire. On her website, she vaguely shares her story in a blog called, Who is 1lt2f? Releasing bits of her horrific experience of a discovery that ultimately destroys her relationship with her parents, how she chose to break a cycle and send her own father to jail. She reveals how she sank into a dark depression losing her identity and meaning to life but ultimately climbs her way out with a new drive and passion. Choosing to speak out without shame in hopes to inspire others dealing with loss or the impact of a traumatic event in their lives.  

Since releasing the blog Who is 1lt2f? She has written several other blogs. One in efforts to influence today's younger generation not be afraid to be themselves also a blog called 612 United where she introduces her brand, 612 United, a custom apparel line she created with a mission to promote strength in education and unity among all people without predujice. You will also find links to RAINN. RAINN is the world's 2nd largest charity organization bringing awareness and end sexual assault/sexual violence.

In October 2016 1LT2F signed a lease  at Jackson Place. Wanting to bring something exciting, new, and a desire to appeal the the younger generations she re-branded her company turning 1lilTreasure2find into 1LT2F Fashion & Skate Shop. When stepping inside the small shop you'll see posters hung with quotes such as "Be yourself. An orginal is always worth more than a copy" and vintage a skateboard from the 1960's as well as a deck from the 70's. A 1986 Skate or Die original poster hangs by the checkout and framed Suicide Squad comics hung on the walls. The dressing room is graffiti-ed and a skate deck autographed by Rob Dyrdek hangs just above the door. The merchandise consists of not just clothing and skateboards but toys, games, die cast figures, and even comic books. You can see why it's called 1lilTreasure2find. Everywhere you look there's something interesting.

As a continued efforts to promote her new shop, a long time friend connected Jessica with pro-skateboarder and owner of Exposure Skate, Amelia Brodka. Amelia was preparing for a event her organization, Exposure Skate, hosts yearly. Exposure Skate is charity organization helping victims of domestic violence and this event is the world's largest all women's skateboarding competition with pros both competing and supporting the cause. Both having common goals & missions, Amelia offered 1LT2F to hang it's banners as a sponsor at her upcoming event at a much smaller price. So, in 1LT2F style while opening it's doors opening day it was also was also supporting a cause.  

Jessica plans to continue to further support the local kids with her sponsorship program and has future goals to host or sponsor events and competitions at the new skate park being built at Lake Orono Park. For now it's just spreading the word and getting the kids in the door and the public to notice.


1LT2F (1lilTreasure2find) is located at 310 A Jackson Ave NW Elk River Next to Metro PCS. Visit for up to date information, offers and promos.

1LT2F is open MON - FRI 3 - 8PM 

SAT 10AM - 6PM On most weeks but revolves their hours around dist 728 high school schedule. For hours open during non-school days and up to date info see their Facebook page 


1lt2f owner of 1LT2F, Jessica Maetzig with family.1LT2F banner hung at Exposure Skate All women's skate event