Herbs & Oils

When it comes to things such as teas, smoke blends, essential oils there is a basic perception of what each brings. When one may think of tea, such as green tea, they may think of a plesant after dinner drink at a chinese resturant or even health and weight loss. Perhaps one will think of ice tea on a hot summer day. Smoke blends are often thought of as something for older folks, hipsters, or even young stoner kids experimenting for recreational purposes. Essential oils are often thought of as just a home fragrance. Although much of this maybe true to some extent there is a lot more to these herbs and oils that are used than what they are most thought of as being. 

Herbs and oils have been used for centuries for their healing and spiritual purposes as well. Our products are all specifically used for their medicinal and spiritual purposes with the intent that they may better your life in some shape or form. Below are some links to some of our most used and loved herbs.

Blue Lotus