FAQ's About Herbal Smoke Blends

Are these K-2 or Spice? 

No. We do not condone or promote the sale of illegal or synthetic drugs. 

Are all of your smoke blends pure?

Yes. Every smoke blend is made with pure herbs. Many of our herbs are even certified USDA organic containing no chemicals or pesticides.

Will I trip by smoking these herbal blends?

No. Although every blend does have euphoric qualities. Some are more potent than others. You will not trip, experience delirium, or physios. 

Are these safe to smoke?

Yes. Although only to an extent as smoking anything at all is not good for you. 

Can I overdose?

Highly unlikely.

How can I expect to feel after I smoke one of these blends?

Most users experience a sense of relaxation, clarity, sleepiness, giddiness, and overall feelings of happiness. 

Are any of your smoke blends like marijuana? 

Many of our blends do contain ingredients that are a mild comparison to marijuana. Some are more potent than others. However none are as strong as the THC effects you get from smoking marijuana. 

Are these legal?

Yes. All of the herbs used are legal. 

Do these show up on a drug test?


Why do they cost so much?

Many of the herbs used in our smoke blends are hard to get since they are considered legal highs. Even though these herbs are fully legal the DEA still likes to pick on sellers making it difficult to buy and sell. This also raises costs. Another factor that raises the cost is most of our herbs are organically grown and come from some of the best and most reputable suppliers. Lastly, every batch is blended & packaged by hand to ensure the best outcome of our products. 

How old do I have to be to purchase?

We only sell our smoke blends to those who are 18 and older. 

How do I smoke these?

Several of our selections come in pre-rolled form. Otherwise you may smoke any of our blends in a tobacco pipe, herb vaporizer, or for best results a water bong. 

Can I add CBD shatter to these?

Yes. In fact we recommend adding CBD shatter to all of our blends for added flavor and relaxation. You may even add shatter to already infused with CBD blends if you choose.