Mood Enhancers/Fragrance

1LT2F mood Enhancers are blends of pure essential oils diluted in carrier oil for safe topical application to lift your spirit, ease tension, boost confidence, or alleviate anxiety. Our formulations are exclusive to 1LT2F as owner Jessica Maetzig hand creates every scent with pure essential oils for their specific known and researched purposes in order for you to feel at your best. If you don't see something you need feel free to reach out & she will custom create one for your desired needs. Mood Enhancers come in 5ml glass amber bottles and can be used to replace your regular perfumes or used as needed. They are all pre-diluted in carrier oil for safe application just about anywhere on your body and blessed with love and healing for your spiritual needs. Great for anyone as they are tailored for tension, anxiety, stress reduction, confidence, esteem, tranquility, love, and uplifting. Each one contains a product description along with a list of ingredients. Please read disclaimer and perform patch tests as directed. For complete disclaimer and patch test direction go to our mind, body, spirit collection.