Pelias By Yzy Perfume Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 Oz

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Going out to party or heading out to work? Wherever you go, Pelias Blu by YZY Perfume will definitely astound ones senses through its unique and exquisite fragrance. Inspired by the Greek mythology, the scent embodies a tough, prominent, and mysterious personality of Pelias, the son of Poseidon and Tyro. Pelias Blu arrives in a black, 3.3oz flacon with silver linings on its cap. The strong, masculine fragrance opens with the sharp and fiery note of ginger that incites a bracing yet light and citrusy aroma to its blend. The intensely sweet and slightly dark accent of cardamom follows, leaving an obscure, mystifying sensation. It is also fused with the inimitable mist of benzoin that evokes a soothing and relaxing touch to its composition. The bittersweet facet of black wrinkled seeds known as the Tonka bean is also present. Such note helps in relieving depression and confusion, as it chases away negativity. Unleashing the foxy side of a man is the leathery and peppery compositions that lure sensuality and pungency. The scent of the leather represents a man with valor, whereas the hot and stimulating essences of pepper unveils ones raciness, making it a one of a kind mist. The mixture dries down with the cozy and comforting note of vanilla that brings you saccharinity and sexiness. With these harmonious elements, arouse the senses and be irresistibly tempting like never before. With over 70 years in the beauty and perfumery industry, YZY Perfume served as one of the most grandiose companies that cater both the convenience and excellence to its clients. Established in 1986, this enterprise is a family-owned business based in the United States that markets and manufactures beauty essentials and fragrances. Their sophisticated and refined items were being produced in a 100,000 square foot facility that includes the state-of-the-art manufacturing center an area where they create and design some of the best-selling perfumes from the North America, Europe, and the Caribbean. This idea has allowed the other companies to venture into their own scents, making it more feasible and convenient for start-up businesses. Through the collaboration of the in-house design team, its workers, and strong ties with some of their clients and connection, it is of no wonder that YZY has founded a good reputation in the world of cosmetics and fragrances.

Designed For Men

This product is the original, authentic name brand and NOT a knockoff or imitation.