Are you worried about fitting in or being popular?

Posted by Jessica Maetzig on

What is it to be popular anyways?

Do you want to have that look that nobody else has but wants? Do you want to be the prettiest girl in class or the coolest guy that all the girls adore? The next Kylie Jenner or Justin Beiber?

Clothes are a extension of who we are on the inside. They say something about you without you actually having to say a word about yourself. But do you have the confidence and  substance to back your style? When creating your style think about how you want others to see perceive you. I'm not saying to worry about what they think but what and how you want others to interpret you. Think first impressions. 




Do you know most trends are started because somebody was confident enough to wear what they liked. They weren't afraid to show off who they were? Confidence is the key factor in looking great.

So how do you become a trend setter? How do you become that one person everyone else follows? 

 Be yourself. Nobody else can be you. Just as you can not be anyone else. Think of yourself as a blank canvas. Don't be afraid of mixing patterns and colors or looking for items that are different or catch your eye. Test things out to see how they look on you. Are they flattering on your body? Do you suddenly get a rush or boost in confidence? Experiment with your style until you do. Once you feel good about yourself it will radiate off of you.

 Do you see the cool guy or the most popular girl moping through the hall? No, they strut and smile and everyone loves them. Why, because they're confident, and know exactly what they want. People are automatically drawn to admire individuals who are not afraid to be themselves.

Another key factor is to surround yourself with groups of friends that will aid in maintaining your goals and feel good energy. Surround yourself with positive individuals in order to keep your spirits high. This works vice versa as well and it won't matter what you're wearing. Surrounding yourself with negative energy will bring you down.

Don't confuse status with popularity or popularity with snobbery. To be popular is to be well known. You can be popular for both good and bad reasons. If you're seeking popularity then I suggest going for the positive way. Nobody wants to be remembered as that pretty girl who was a total bitch, or the girl every guy could sleep with, or the guy who spent his high school years all doped up. There's no substance there, beauty fades, and consequences much worse come with the latter two. I've met and gotten to know people whom at first glance I thought were gorgeous. Then they opened their mouth and became not only ugly but people I could not respect.

Remember we all put on our pants one leg at a time. We all have our own insecurities. Even Kylie Jenner. Remember she got lip injections to feel better about herself. In the end we are all humane and nobody belongs on a pedestal so stop putting them there. 

What types of traits and attributes do you admire in others? What types of topics are you passionate about? Get involved in a extracurricular activity outside of school or work that you are passionate about to even further increase your confidence and others shall follow. 

If you know what you want in life dress the way you want and network with like minded individuals. This captures people's attention and respect. It captures their attention enough that soon they'll want to follow your lead because really, we are all looking to feel good about ourselves. It makes sense to want to be just like someone who radiates what we want to have.

 Always remember, that with style and beauty must come substance or all you have is a dummy.  ;)




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